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Because life is lived through emotions

We help people to understand, manage, and master their emotions so they can live a life of confidence, satisfaction, and fulfilment
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Life is difficult. Relationships are hard. Work can feel pointless. Self-criticism comes too easily. And our stories can be hard to tell.
We all experience emotions but receive next to no education in what they are, what they mean, how they influence our lives and relationships, or how to deal with them. So what do we do with all the pain, hurt, fear, anxiety, shame, guilt, humiliation, anger, resentment, disappointment, despair?
We find ways to cope. We hide, keep ourselves small, we drink, smoke, use drugs, seek excitement, we do things to hurt ourselves, we seek to please and appease others, and we do things to hurt or upset others close to us. 
Emotional education is the process of knowing how to deal with your emotions in healthy ways. It is how to embrace life in all its colour and really engage with the world while staying true to who you really are. It is how to be real, even when its hard. It is how you can really make your life mean something. And it is how to connect deeply with others. 
It is the education we all need but have never had. 

Emotional education has allowed me to be the person I was meant to be, not the person I was made to be

Joan, Course Participant

Your journey is safe in our hands

We are a small group of people committed to your emotional health,  wellbeing, and development to help you make the most of your life and relationships. 
We have been delivering emotional development courses for over 25 years and have helped thousands of people create more satisfying relationships and fulfilling lives. 
We are all qualified and experienced practitioners, we coined the phrase emotional education, set up the first centre in emotional education in the world, and created the first academic course in emotional education in the world with the University of Derby, UK.  
...and we've all been there.  

Thousands of

Lives Changed

Over 25 Years of 


Pioneers in

Emotional Education

Education for the important things in life


Build Confidence, Fulfil Your Potential and Find Purpose


Own Your Story, Learn Compassion, and Discover Your True Self


Learn How to Love and Strengthen Your Relationships

I have been lucky enough to attend the courses offered by the Centre for Emotional Education and the impact on my life has been profound: from helping me decide upon my vocation to proposing to my wife, I have relied upon the principles that are taught to help guide me to choose love over fear. What I have learnt through attending the courses has been nothing short of transformatory. Through learning about emotional education, I have become a more compassionate and braver human being and I will be forever grateful for the work that Jean and her team have delivered over the years. I really do think that their courses save lives

DAn, Course Participant

Because life is hard if you don't deal with your emotions

Problems in Life

Missing a sense of connection and belonging? 

Don't feel valued and appreciated? 

Lack of fulfilment?

Repeating the same mistakes? 

Want to discover your true potential?

Feel there is more to life? 

Problems in Love

Afraid of being alone?

Fall in love too quickly? 

Find it hard to find the right person?

Shut people out?  

Struggle to love and/or be loved?  

Feel unhappy or unfulfilled in your relationships? 

Problems with Ourselves

Feel anxious and/or fearful? 

Low self-esteem?

Don't feel good enough?

Afraid to let your guard down? 

Struggle to say what you want/need? 

Feel shame and guilt from past experiences? 

I have taken all sorts of other courses, but this is the best one I have ever done. It moved me in a way I have never experienced before

Naomi, Course Participant

How it works

Step 1: Sign up to a course

You can find out more about our courses here.  

Check you can make the dates for the live sessions.

Places are limited so be sure to book a place as soon as you can

Step 2: Complete the course

We have a range of activities including recorded lessons, live sessions, exercises, self-reflection, and reading. You will be with a small group of like minded people who you will learn with and learn from as well being a support for each other.  

Step 3: Start getting more from life

Having completed the course you will have all you need to start making a real difference to your life, other people's lives, and your relationships. And we are always here to provide ongoing support. 

Find out how to create a more confident, satisfying and fulfilling life  

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