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We help people learn from their emotions to improve their relationships and live more meaningful and fulfilling lives

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Why you need emotional education

Life is lived through emotions

Yet we get next to no education on emotions 

Learning about your emotions gives you confidence, compassion, control and courage

Emotional education has allowed me to be the person I was meant to be, not the person I was made to be

Joan, Course Participant

This is education for the important things in life


Build Confidence, Fulfil Your Potential and Find Purpose


Own Your Story, Learn Compassion, and Discover Your True Self


Learn How to Love and Strengthen Your Relationships

Your journey is safe in our hands

We are a small group of people committed to your emotional health,  wellbeing, and development to help you make the most of your life and relationships. 
We have been delivering emotional development courses for over 25 years and have helped thousands of people create more satisfying relationships and fulfilling lives. 
We are all qualified and experienced practitioners, we coined the phrase emotional education, set up the first centre in emotional education in the world, and created the first academic course in emotional education in the world with the University of Derby, UK.  
...and we've all been there.  

I have been lucky enough to attend the courses offered by the Centre for Emotional Education and the impact on my life has been profound: from helping me decide upon my vocation to proposing to my wife, I have relied upon the principles that are taught to help guide me to choose love over fear. What I have learnt through attending the courses has been nothing short of transformatory

DAn, Course Participant

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I have taken all sorts of other courses, but this is the best one I have ever done. It moved me in a way I have never experienced before

Naomi, Course Participant

Where to start?

Check out our articles

We write regular articles on everything related to emotions, life and relationships. They are full of useful information, ideas, and inspiration for anyone looking to develop emotionally and grow as a person. 

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Jean Bond wrote this book in the 1990s and the print runs are now all sold out so we have turned it into a pdf document that you can download for free. 

You can find out more about the book and download it here.

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"This book has changed my life"

Discover the power of understanding, managing, and mastering your emotions so that you can live life more wholeheartedly. 

"The beauty of the book is overwhelming in its integrity and openness"

"This is a remarkable book - honest, illuminating and uplifting"

"Anyone who wants more understanding of themselves should read this book"