026 How to grow and become who you really are. With Tim Jennings

We talk a lot about growing, developing, becoming better, but very little is said about how to actually do this. So in this episode, I talk to Tim Jennings, a family therapist, about what it means to grow and how to do it. We talk about the bigger picture of the direction of growth as well as the baby steps to growth that we take as part of becoming who we really are. Gaining awareness is part of growth but not the end of the process. Gaining skills is part of the process but can only be done when you know what you want to change and what skills you need. Taking risks is part of it too, to risk doing something different that allows you to express who you really are. We talk about all of these things, how they fit together, how to do them, and more.

In this episode, you will learn: 

  • The baby steps to growth
  • How gaining awareness is part of growing
  • How taking risks is part of growing
  • How developing skills is part of growing
  • How you can’t learn to be you from others 
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