We have all suffered pain and suffering. We have all done things that have harmed others as a result of our own hurt. But is this still ongoing? Is it embedded into our relationships? Is it stopping you from being able to truly express yourself and make the biggest difference you can? In this episode, I talk to Jean Bond, author of Behind the Masks: Discovering Your True Self, about the ripples that we create in life, how those ripples affect other people, and how we can be more conscious of the ripples we create to foster better relationships. Using her own experience of how the idea of ripples helped her get unstuck in her relationship, she opens up about what it really means to have a purpose in life based in compassion and kindness.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • The idea of ripples from Irvin Yalom
  • The meaning of life according to Alan Watts
  • How the idea of ripples can help to frame your life and relationships
  • How the idea of ripples helps understand your purpose in life
  • How to stay compassionate and kind to others


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