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We help you to understand, manage, and master emotions

So you can make the most of your life and make your relationships work

How We Help

We develop your emotional literacy, emotional intelligence, and emotional skills and abilities to improve your health and wellbeing. These have been shown to help with self-awareness, confidence, motivation, empathy with others, improved relationships, social skills, an ability to deal with challenges, and manage stress.

Experiential Learning

We developed a way of learning through knowledge and interactive experiences. This provides deep and meaningful insights and life changes.

Live Group Sessions

Our courses are run in groups to learn from and with others. When it comes to emotions, nothing much changes by reading books or watching videos. 

A Safe Space

All our courses are run by experienced and qualified leaders. We ensure all groups are safe and confidential spaces for you to learn in. 

How Do We Know About Emotions?

We have all experienced emotional hardship and worked hard to understand and overcome our defenses and this is why we are passionate about the role of emotional education in people's health and well-being and its capacity to empower individuals to improve their lives.  

Started in the 1980s 

We have a history of expertise. Jean and Tim created and started running emotional education courses in the 1980s and we have been developing and improving on these courses since. 

Trained thousands of students

Thousands of students have improved their lives through our courses. We also set up the first academic qualification in emotional education, accredited by the University of Derby. 

Researched and written books

We are all involved in undertaking and reading research and collectively we have published academic and non-academic books on emotions and education.

Our Story

Who We Are

Jean Bond, Founder and Mentor

Founder of Atlow Mill Centre for Emotional Education | Author of Behind the Masks: Discovering Your True Self | Educator | Researcher

Tim Jennings, Founder and Mentor

Founder of Atlow Mill Centre for Emotional Education | Systemic Family Therapist | Educator | Researcher 

Joanne Barry, Course Facilitator

Emotional education facilitator | Educator | Registered counsellor  

Jade Murden, Course Facilitator

Emotional education facilitator | Educator | Community activist

Matthew Gibson, Director

Educator | Researcher | Author | Online learning specialist

Louise Overton, Director

Educator | Researcher | Author | Business and communications specialist

What People Say

This course was one of the best things that happened to me. It allowed me to feel ‘normal’, accepted, safe, loved and that I could trust people again


It has helped me to be myself in more settings… it has helped me to be a genuine person


My life is almost unrecognisable, and for the better


It was like being handed the keys to a prison cell and being released… it has completely changed my outlook and behaviours


"What I have learnt through attending the courses has been nothing short of transformatory"

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