Jade Murden

Emotional education facilitator | Educator | Community activist

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My name is Jade Murden and I am a Senior Lecturer in Education. I have been teaching for sixteen years. For ten years I specialised in working with young people who had been excluded from school and adolescences who displayed complex behaviours. I embarked on a MA in Emotional Education in order to gain a deeper understanding of this field. I achieved the aim of gaining a deeper understanding of behaviour, however the main focus of learning was around my behaviour and triggers rather than other peoples’.  

It is not an understatement to say that Emotional Education changed my life. The facilitators introduced me to new concepts and through experiential teaching I learned to apply these theories to myself. I began my MA journey thinking I was going to be introduced to theory and apply it to case studies, instead I was the case study! This process was not always comfortable, but when is transformational learning ever comfortable? Afterwards I was thrilled to accept the offer to become a facilitator of Emotional Education and the opportunity to be mentored. In my current role Emotional Education theory and practice plays a significant part, it is incorporated into my modules and research and informs the way I work and interact with the students.  

I believe that learning is a continuous process. Where I was at the start of this journey is not where I am today. I know that in another ten years I will be in a different place again. It is funny I once thought I had it all figured out and that it was other people I needed to understand and change. So, what are the keys things I have learned so far? I have learned that Emotional Education is not about ‘fixing’ people, or ‘fixing myself’. It is not about assuming you only need to learn about Emotional Education if there is something ‘wrong’, or about ‘helping people’ you place in a deficit position. Emotional Education is about being authentic, holding yourself accountable and being able to forgive yourself and others. Emotional Education is about having the courage to take the growth choice rather than the fear choice and making the most of your life. It is committing to being curious about yourself and being able to laugh at your funny thoughts and behaviours. It is believing you are worth the time and nurture you can give to yourself and a willingness to grow.