Jean Bond

Founder of Atlow Mill Centre for Emotional Education | Author of Behind the Masks: Discovering Your True Self | Educator | Researcher

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...transformative experiences that changed my outlook on myself and my life

Ken Allcock

I can honestly vouch that Jean Bond and Atlow Mill Centre provided  invaluable transformative experiences that changed my outlook on myself and my life.  It provided me with a purpose, direction and goal for life and hope and courage to live a more fulfilling existence.  In the thirty years or so since participating in a few workshops, I changed my ‘career’ and achieved things I never dreamed possible.  I can never thank Jean and Atlow Mill enough

Jean Bond founded, lived and worked at the Atlow Mill Centre for Emotional Education, which was a registered charity.  She has worked for 40 years in this field and developed 5 workshops for the general public which covered Inner Child work (Healing the Wounds of Childhood), a workshop on intimate relationships, one on dealing with anger creatively and two which enable people to be effectively powerful in life. She has also designed and delivered a Post Graduate Certificate in Emotional Education, which ran for 12 years which was awarded by the University of Derby. This was a unique qualification in this field. These courses enabled people to deal more effectively with life's challenges and develop a profound understanding of their own emotional life and that of others.

She is a TEDx speaker and has been invited to speak at many conferences including one on ‘Peer Mentoring for Diabetics’ coordinated by Nordisk UK. 

Prior to founding the Atlow Mill Centre Jean worked as a teacher in Primary and Secondary schools and then for 19 years as a lecturer in Education at the University of Warwick, specialising in psychology of education. Much of her work involved dealing with children who had emotional and behavioural difficulties and the teachers who worked with them. 

She has had considerable experience in designing and leading courses in management, team work, personal effectiveness in the workplace and stress management. Jean has carried out this work in schools, industry and government departments. 

With the rest of the team at Atlow Mill Jean has designed projects for Victims of Domestic Violence and their children and Preventing school exclusion; a project designed to enable children aged from 8 - 16 to express their emotions appropriately instead of 'acting them out' and presenting challenging behaviour in and out of the classroom. She has also designed and delivered projects for children in care and those at risk of offending. 

Jean's work is challenging and stimulating and it can be refreshingly humorous.

She is the author of Behind the Masks: Discovering the true self, which is based on 15 years of exploration of human dilemmas and difficulties. In her book Jean offers examples of the difficulties human beings face and what they can do to minimise the suffering that life's challenges can bring. The exercises are designed to raise awareness and put people in touch with their personal power. It is a lively and easily readable book which contains a wealth of information and insights into human behaviour.

Jean has also published articles in academic and professional journals, such as Counselling Children and Young People - a BACP publication, Pastoral Care and the Educational Review.