Joanne Barry

Emotional education facilitator | Educator | Registered counsellor  

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I am deeply committed to emotional education because it helped me solve problems in my own life that had become debilitating and which no amount of effort, commitment and intellect could resolve – until I gained the awareness and skills which I am now eager to share. Despite the outward appearance of a successful life, I was very unhappy and knew this was affecting my lovely children. I attended my first course at Atlow because I felt defeated, with nowhere left to turn. What kept me coming back was that I started to find answers – a manual for living that actually worked! So If you are one of those people like I was, wondering how or why it is that you can’t make your life work no matter how hard you try, I hope to meet you soon on one of our courses. 

I changed my life and my career and feel very privileged to do the work I do now. Emotional education remains central. As a relationship counsellor I focus on one’s relationship with self, with others and the wider world. I take an integrative approach, tailoring my work to the needs of each client and their unique circumstances. I am a dedicated fan of lifelong learning, and my training and continuing professional development have covered a broad spectrum of perspectives, including psychodynamic and systemic approaches, process-oriented, person-centred and somatic practices as well as neurobiological models and how to work sensitively with diversity. I have a special interest in the impact of childhood adversity and how attachment patterns shape the all-important relationship with self - and with others - in adult life.  In addition to my educational and counselling qualifications I trained and worked as a career journalist in the early part of my life and still utilise those communication skills in my work now.

I am committed to service and over many years have undertaken voluntary work alongside my professional practice – such as participating in sessions of emotional education and support for addicts in rehabilitation; leading a weekly support group for families affected by addiction; and providing educational and emotional support in school for dyslexic and other students with individual needs (I have a specialist teacher qualification for dyslexia/individual needs in adults and children).

I enjoy badminton, tennis and table tennis, as well as country walks. I feel very lucky to do work that I love and I am also at my happiest when I’m in the company of my adult son and daughter.