Dan is from the UK and took part in the Discovering Your Potential course a number of years back. His story shows the impact that a short course can have on a person’s life. I sent Dan the headings and he wrote the sections underneath. I have pasted these answers here – they are all in continue reading

From lost and hurt to a purpose-filled life and a sense of freedom: A case study of Dan

How can one achieve depth in significant relationships? This article will outline the issues and ideas to do just this. But let me start by saying the clues are in the word HOW. It requires H for honesty, O for openness and W for willingness to be vulnerable, in order to create depth and closeness continue reading

Depth in relationships: How to create stronger, more meaningful, relationships

Sarah is from the UK and took part in the Discovering Your Potential course a number of years back. Her story shows the impact that a short course can have on a person’s life. I spoke to Sarah about her decision to take part in a course, what led her to that point, what her experience continue reading

From stuck and unsure how to change to renewed relationships and working her dream job: A case study of Sarah

Fulfilment in life is the experience of using your unique talents and skills to meaningfully work towards a goal that you believe is of vital importance to the world.  In this article we will unpick what this means, why this is important, and what you need to do to achieve it. But first, if you want continue reading

The complete guide to fulfilment in life: What it is, why it is important, and how to attain it

In this article I will examine what constitutes ‘loneliness’ and how to discover your own cure for loneliness.  Let us start by outlining what Louise Hawkley from the University of Chicago has this to say about loneliness: There is a human need to be embedded, connected, integrated in a social network, she notes. When that social network continue reading

The Quest to Cure Loneliness: Your Guide to Overcoming Loneliness

We have all repeatedly done something we wished we hadn’t that has made us ask ourselves, ‘why do I do the things I do?’. The short answer is that we do these things because we are operating in those moments from unconscious patterns of thinking, acting and feeling that were created in our past and continue reading

Why Do I Do the Things I Do? How To Know and What To Do To Have More Control and Freedom in Life

Projecting emotions is when a person seeks to suppress certain feelings and emotions they have themselves but identifies them in others. Consequently, they can have heightened emotional reactions, such as annoyance, anger, or frustration, from identifying feelings in others that they are suppressing in themselves. This is perceived as emotional projection and is considered a continue reading

How projecting emotions is harming you, how to know if you are, and what to do about it: A complete guide

Although some people are ‘successful’, those whose lives are frequently the envy of others often feel, on the inside, totally different to what they portray on the outside. They have achieved what they have striven for (in my case even more than they had dreamed possible) and yet, in the quiet moments they feel empty; continue reading

Is there more to life than this?

We may all have asked ourselves ‘am I hard to get along with’ at some point. It is an important question to ask because you don’t always know and being difficult to get along with can affect both your personal and your professional life. The answer is not categorical, as in, it is not yes continue reading

Am I hard to get along with? Analyse yourself and understand what it means

Emotional awareness is the capacity we have to be in touch with what we are feeling at any one moment and thus enable ourselves to express this, or simply notice it and discover what is evoking that response. Without awareness of our emotions we are dominated by them. Our responses are automatic. We may also continue reading

Emotional Awareness: What It Is, How It Helps, And How To Achieve It

We all end up feeling hurt at some point and for a lot of us we may still feel hurt years later and may have done some things we regret because of how we feel. So we know it is painful, hard to deal with, and can have immediate or long lasting consequences, but very continue reading

Feeling hurt: Everything you need to know to start feeling better

We may all know the feeling of guilt but what does it really mean to feel guilty? Why do we feel guilty about the things we feel guilty for? Why do some people feel guilty all the time or feel guilty for no reason? What can we learn from feeling guilty? And how can we continue reading

The complete guide to feeling guilty: Why you feel guilty, how it can help you, and how to free yourself of toxic guilt

Everyone feels shamed or ashamed sometimes. No one wants to talk about it though! So we don’t really know what these feelings mean and what we can do about them. I have been studying shame for over two decades now, working with people’s shame as a social worker for over 15 years, and researching shame continue reading

The complete guide to feeling shamed and ashamed: How your shame can set you free

In my experience many people are sensitive to criticism and find it hard to take even when it is intended to be a contribution. I am one of those people so if you fit into this category you have my deepest sympathy. In this article I will examine the reasons why people become sensitive to continue reading

How to be less sensitive to criticism by developing emotional maturity

Everyone will experience overwhelming emotions at some point in their lives. They are part of the human experience. Understanding what is overwhelming, why, and what to do about them is the difference between coming through overwhelming emotional experiences stronger and healthier and getting through them fearful and ashamed. This article outlines how to understand overwhelming continue reading

Overwhelming emotions: A complete guide to what they are, what they do, and what to do about them

Some people are considered overly, or very, emotional. These terms are usually used in a derogatory way. It means they think there is something wrong with you for feeling or expressing their emotions in particular ways. Such accusations can be very isolating and can lead you to serious questions about yourself. Am I overly emotional? continue reading

An essential guide for those who are ‘overly emotional’ or ‘very emotional’

Suppressing emotions is one of the most common strategies for responding to emotions. There are many reasons why someone suppresses their emotions and there are many ways that emotions can be suppressed. This article outlines what these are and examines the research evidence on the effects and impact of suppressing emotions can have before giving continue reading

How suppressing emotions is harming you and what you can do about it: A complete guide

We all have to deal with stress but the emotional effects of stress are too often ignored. Without understanding these we might not recognise and be able to deal with stress, which is important to emotional health and wellbeing. Stress can lead to a range of emotional effects on the individual. These can include feeling angry, continue reading

The emotional effects of stress

This article will guide you through all the essential components of what emotional education is, why it matters, and how it can help you. But first let’s start with a definition. Emotional education is the process by which a person acquires and develops emotional knowledge and skills. It helps a person to be able to understand continue reading

The essential guide to emotional education

The message that many people who are emotionally sensitive get is that this is a bad thing and they need to do something about it because it is a problem. Yet being emotional can be a huge benefit that can make life rich and highly enjoyable, but only under certain conditions. In this article I continue reading

How do I stop being so emotionally sensitive?

Experiencing conflict and feeling angry are inevitable in relationships. Yet without knowledge and skills to manage these they become a major area of difficulty. Aristotle acknowledged that it is easy for anyone to get angry, but not easy to get angry “with the right person, to the right degree, at the right time, for the right continue reading

How to Use Conflict and Anger to Create Healthy Relationships

The simple answer is that people can’t say no when they are afraid of the judgement of others, when they think they have to earn love, acceptance, and respect from others by putting them first, or when they have a deep seated need to seek approval from others. In other words, when they do not continue reading

Why Can’t I Say ‘No’ to Anyone?

n this article, I will outline how fear affects people’s lives and what you need to do to face your fears to be able to express who you really are, make the most of your lives, and develop true relationships.

continue reading
How To Face Your Fears (and why you need to)

Emotional intimacy provides an overarching role in the psychological nourishment, connection, and mental, and even physical, wellbeing for us human beings (for details about this see Nadine Burke Harris’ book Toxic Childhood Stress). But what is emotional intimacy? How can we create it in our relationships? and how and why does this help us? I continue reading

How To Create Emotional Intimacy in Relationships: An In-depth Look

The modern day conception of love is nothing more than a fantasy. Genuine love is something much more satisfying and fulfilling. This article outlines what genuine love is, why we lose sight of it, and what you can do to attain it.

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What is Genuine Love and How Can You Attain It?

IntroductionPsychology offers us a range of ideas related to maturity. But emotional maturity is a concept that has been more difficult to define and there are a range of definitions you can find on the internet. This article is about how you can develop emotional maturity but to start let’s give a definition:Emotional maturity is continue reading

The First Steps Towards Emotional Maturity: Exploring Childhoods and Unlived Lives

There are people who seem to get angry at the drop of a hat. I am one of those people. When I was teaching at the University of Warwick I went on an Emotional Development course which enabled me to become aware of my feelings, amongst other things. This course definitely had an effect as, continue reading

How self-awareness is the key to dealing with anger (or the tortoise and the hedgehog)

In 1982 I took a course which had been recommended by a friend. It was a two-weekend course which apparently was ‘guaranteed’ to change my life. I treated this with my usual cynicism. I didn’t need to change my life. I was a successful person. I was a university Lecturer, owned my own house and continue reading

Our History

In this article I want to outline very briefly what emotional education is about. I will not go into great detail here about defining it or how it relates to other concepts like emotional intelligence, emotional health, emotional wellbeing, or emotional literacy, although suffice it to say that these are all components of emotional education. We will have a much bigger piece on the details. This is to set the scene to say why emotional education is important to you and how it can help improve your life.

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A Short Introduction to Emotional Education